9th International School Business Fair

School businesses promote learning in a vocational environment

Setting up a school-based company provides pupils with a great opportunity to put what they've learnt in an academic environment into a practical situation. Additionally valuable skills such as economic theory, business practice and teamwork are taken on board.
Pupils soon learn more about their strengths and how best to use them and the opportunity to discover how companies work and how different roles join together to make profit is invaluable.
The genuine enjoyment the pupils get out of running a company also goes hand in hand with the process of becoming au fait with skills essential for the working world. There are many reasons for the increasing interest in school businesses.

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Welcome Message

First of all, I'd like to thank the teachers who have dedicated time and effort to these projects. I hope the founders of the businesses enjoy running them - and perhaps we'll see a few of you running successful start-ups in Berlin in the future. more...
Ramona Pop 
Senator for Economy, Energy and Industry in Berlin 


"I'm normally not a sustainable person at all", says Yakub, laughing. His work in one of the school businesses at the Emil Molt Akademie in Berlin has changed that though. Curious to see how? Read on here. more...

Exhibition & Programme

Do you know what school businesses are?
Find out more at our exhibition fair!

Tues 26th February, 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Trade fair and meetings for existing school businesses according to sector

Wed 27th February, 10:00 am - 2:30 pm
Public visitor day/Exhibiton for school classes, ...


Daily Schedule

The student companies on show are active in many sectors.
more ...


School businesses aligned with specific support programmes should register via these programmes.

Independent school businesses mshould register for both days via the FEZ Berlin.

Those interested in the public exhibition fair on 27th February can also register via the link below.

Video Competition

Presentation and award ceremony on 26th February 2019

Take part in the "My School Business" video competition. more...

Organisers & Partners

For the 9th time, the FEZ Berlin is organising this event in conjunction with the "Schülerfirmen der Deutschen Kinder- und Jugendstiftung Network", JUNIOR Wirtschaft erleben (IW JUNIOR gGmbH) and the Senate for Economy, Energy and Industry. more...